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with HDR10+ GAMING

Why HDR10+


Immersive Gaming Experience

Realistic game visuals that fully capture creator’s intent with brighter highlights and dark shadows

Automatic HDR Gaming

Reliable plug and play HDR setup automatically sets game and display to the HDR10+ GAMING mode without manual calibration

Optimize for Display

Raise HDR game experience by discovering display’s maximum capability

No Latency

Enjoy beautiful HDR game graphics without drawback on game performances

Upgrade Your Game

Deliver true to life game in HDR with the latest graphic technology

Worry Free HDR Game Development

Increase your confidence in HDR game development with certification-based technology that ensures consistency

Implement Once and Use Everywhere

Save your time and budget by simplifying your game development and QA with HDR10+ standard. Benefit by all HDR10+ GAMING TVs and Monitors

Samsung Electronics Teams Up With NEXON To Unveil World’s First HDR10+ GAMING Title, ‘The First Descendant’

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in the visual display industry, today announced the launch of the world’s first gaming title featuring the High Dynamic Range (HDR) 10+ GAMING standard created by HDR10+ Technologies LLC.

The new title, “The First Descendant” was developed by NEXON and was unveiled at Gamescom 2023.